Speech and Language


Traditional strategies are combined with evidence-based biofeedback technologies to create a holistic approach towards therapy for children and adults.

One-on-one Training Sessions
Home Program supervision

Training sessions available 1-3 times weekly, with progress review after 15 sessions

Certified Provider

Julie is a certified provider of the following programs:
Learning Without Tears
Integrated Listening Systems
Interactive Metronome
Safe and Sound
Scientific Learning/Posit Science
Voice Pro

Julie provides multisensory reading and writing instruction including:
All About Spelling
All About Reading
Lindamood-Bell Learning Programs

Patients benefiting from her services include those challenged with:

~ Dyslexia and other reading disorders

~ Reading rate, fluency and comprehension

~ Phonological processing disorders

~ Attention to class work and teacher

~ Understanding of content and tasks

~ Sequencing and organizational skills

~ Stroke recovery (recent and delayed)

~ Head injury and concussion recovery

~ Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease

~ Auditory processing difficulties

~ Memory

~ Attentional control

~ Self-regulation

~ Cognitive stamina

~ Thought organization

~ Written language skills

~ Attention Deficits

~ Articulation and speech production

~ Learning disabilities

~ Auditory/language processing disorders

~ Developmental delay and disorders

~ Executive functioning

~ Working memory

Treatment techniques

Learning Without Tears
Multisensory techniques for handwriting mechanics, written expression and digital communication skills.

Integrated Listening Systems
Uses bone conduction and listening to integrate music, movement and language exercises. This evidence-based program has been shown to enhance sensory integration, self-regulation, cognitive and executive functioning skills, reading, writing and self-expression/communication skills.

Interactive Metronome
An evidence-based program that balances the brain and body through improved neural timing. It is a training tool that measures and improves Neurotiming, synchronizing neural impluses for enhanced cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor performance. This is an effective technique for increasing sustained attention and improving auditory and visual processing speeds.

Safe and Sound
Intensive program that utilizes the auditory system to calm the physiological and emotional state for enhanced self-regulation, self-expression and improved treatment outcomes. Evidence has shown decreased inattention, anxiety and auditory sensitivities which allow students to better comprehend speech and the emotional meaning of language.

Scientific Learning/Posit Science
Uses biofeedback to build foundational cognitive skills for integrating processing of auditory information, language, reading and academic skills.

Voice Pro
A unique tool designed to help children and adults improve various functional auditory processing skills. Bone conduction headphones are calibrated to each individual to optimize traditional training techniques through direct auditory feedback.

Integrating foundational sensory-cognitive skills for reading and writing:
All About Spelling/All About Reading
Lindamood-Bell Learning Programs


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